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Ahoy, mateys! I always appreciate putting a face with a name, so maybe you'll enjoy doing the same. I'm Chef Mayhem, the creator of (and our sister site, I'm the Art Director for a group of publications in the Silicon Valley, and I received my degree in design from San José State University after narrowly avoiding a degree in music. I've worked professionally in various art departments for over 20 years.

I also often work as a freelance designer, focusing on web sites and logo/identity packages. Some of my past graphic design clients include Apple Computers, Inc., Intel Corporation, and Billy Graham Ministries... but enough with the resumé.

Sound and Fury

I'm also a musician, and I've been in a rock band, recorded under a Grammy-nominated producer, and produced numerous professional Haunted House soundtracks (including one released to commercial radio by Radio Disney). I regularly do volunteer work for my church as a pianist. Additionally, I currently perform in a band that plays exclusively in prison to share a little positive and optimistic spiritual energy with men in a dreary and often bleak place. I've found volunteer work to be the most rewarding outlet for my artistic ventures.

Creative renewal

I live in the Silicon Valley, and try to get down to Disneyland at least three times a year for creative renewal. I'm sure many of you can relate. Just being surrounded with the product of so much collective imagination is like finding an oasis in the desert of mediocrity that is called pop culture. I simply find that in terms of my artistic nature, Disneyland is a refreshing place to be.

I served as a member of the 2003 Disneyland Creative Advisory Council. During this time, our small group gathered regularly at the Team Disney Anaheim offices to meet with the resort's management to discuss the public's experience with the park, and to review various marketing projects, and new or proposed merchandise.

In 2005, I was included in Daily Variety's special issue dedicated to Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. I was asked for my opinion of the nature of Disney fandom based on my experience as webmaster of TellNoTales and DoomBuggies. "There is something amazing about being able to revisit an immersive experience that has remained, essentially, unchanged, while everything else in life evolves and moves on," I said to Variety. "It's the closest thing to time travel that there is."

Disneyland roots

I've always adored Disneyland, ever since the days when I'd run around the park in the mid '70s with my sister and my friends Robbin and Christine - the days when parents could let their eight- and ten-year old kids run loose in a theme park all day, and feel safe about it. I've also always loved spook houses, Halloween masks, pirate treasure, skeletons, and all sorts of creepy stuff - I was tracing pictures of skulls and fossils from my parents' Time Life nature books at the age of four, if my mom's stories are true.

I think that's enough rambling on. Now you know me a little bit, and that's what I intended. Go on and get back to the good stuff. Comments or questions? Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the place.

—The Chef

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