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We hope you enjoy your using our community forums. We encourage your participation and hope you enjoy the collected expertise of hundreds of fans and experts on the topic of Disney's darks rides and theme parks.

We welcome you to the community, and hope you find it to be a welcoming destination on the web. To that end, please familiarize yourself with the following notes and guidelines, which will aid you in becoming a successful message board participant:

1. Membership is required to post messages. When you become a member of the TNT message board, you may receive special notices that may be sent to the membership roster only (if you provide a valid email address).

2. Please follow standard rules of netiquette when using the TNT message board. Please visit to learn more about appropriate rules for communication on the internet. A few simple guidelines are:

a. Do not post unrelated advertising on this message board. Spamming the board or posting advertisements unrelated to the topics being discussed is cause for removal of your membership.

b. Do not "troll," or post comments for the specific purpose of arousing anger or ill will on the message board. Controversial commentary is okay, as long as the discussion remains civil.

c. Do not use inflammatory language which could be considered demeaning to one's race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, physical disability, or gender.

d. Do not use profanity or obscenities. This website is a popular link from many Disney-related destinations, and may be visited by many minors. For this reason, off-the-shelf profanity filters have been activated on both this board and the chat software. Please do not try to intentionally override the filters with spacing or misspelling. It is expected that the members of this community have the communication skills to express their feelings, both positive and negative, without using profanity.

e. Do not direct profanity, obscenities or threats directly at another person or group. This is cause for immediate removal of your membership.

3. Realize that the membership of this board is quite varied. We have very active participants that range in age from early teens through retirement. Keep in mind that the responses you are reading from members can only be as informed as their life experience allows. Tolerance is a useful asset in this type of community.

4. Do not use a screenname or anonymous message to represent yourself as someone that you are not. In particular, keep the following two guidelines in mind:

a. Do not claim to be another registered user, or a person that other board users may recognize; and

b. No "sock puppets" (that is, using one identity to agree with or respond to something that you posted to the board using a different identity.)

5. Realize that trolls will emerge from time to time. It is a natural part of existence on the internet. The best way to encourage them to leave the board is to ignore their posts, since the only reason an individual would post "trolling" comments is to recieve recognition for their efforts.

The small print: Any posted message may be edited or deleted by the admin at any time without notice. Membership of any user may be restricted from using the TNT message board at any time without notice, should the admin deem such action neccessary. Users' IP numbers will be logged. v10-03 Privacy Policy

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